Member Spotlight: Maureen “Mo” McCabe Haughey

Meet Mo. If people are laughing hysterically during the 9:30 Women’s Strength Training, you can bet that Mo’s involved. She’s dedicated, often training 4-5x per week between attending both strength training days and conditioning days at Optimize Fitness.

Mo (left) and Alisa, rocking their “Statler and Waldorf” tanks. (Really, these tanks say it all!)

"I love working out again"

“It’s keeping me younger and happier. I hope to keep it up forever.”
I’ve seen Mo be a generous and selfless friend – often helping other members out, whether that means listening to them on a bad day, offering to teach them how to knit or bake an apple pie for the first time, and even fixing the odd sink!
Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m 66 years old. A widow. I have 2 children and 1 perfect granddaughter. I have a goofball Corgi who keeps me walking and meeting new people. I’m retired.

I love to cook and eat but this “lose 2 sizes” thing* is cramping my style. I’ve got lots of friends and have made some excellent new ones in the 9:30 Women’s Strength Training group.

[*Devin’s note – Mo’s interview took place 7 weeks into our 8 week “Drop 2 Sizes” nutrition challenge. She kicked ass and now fits in her new jeans, but definitely didn’t love drinking her “sad coffee” (black coffee) everyday!]

How did you get your start in strength training?

When I turned 50, a friend started Atkins and dragged me along. That summer, my daughter asked me to join a gym with her. I met Lee Soares* there and started training with him in his own insane-o way. Lost 35 pounds and felt great.

[*Devin’s note – Lee Soares, better known as HCL – Head Coach Lee, was the head coach & franchise founder for Crossfit Franklin at Team Fitness Franklin. I was the Director of Personal Training. We worked together from 2011-2012]

What led you to personal training at Optimize Fitness?

I have dysplasia in both hips. After having one hip replaced, I developed bursitis in the area of the new hip. I was limping again and, having quit smoking 4 months before surgery, was looking like Jabba the Hutt.

I saw one of Optimize’s ads on Facebook and asked Lee what he thought. Lee approved and I signed up.

"I love working out again. I love being pain-free."

How is your lifestyle different now from what it was back then?

OMG! I can walk normally and my legs are almost the same circumference (there was a 2 inch difference). I’m eating cleaner (very sad) and so much stronger.

My self confidence has vastly improved and my Dr is very pleased. (I have the blood pressure of a teenage girl, according to him)

What do you enjoy most about being stronger?

I love working out again. I love being pain free. The Viking Press is a fave and I hate to admit it but I really like conditioning days. I just ordered a battle rope! I like to lift things up and put them down.

What would you life be like today if you had not made those changes?

I would be riding the couch and dreading walking anywhere. Not good.

Mo (left) with her family

What results have you seen from personal training at Optimize Fitness?

Stronger, healthier, happier (except for the lack of pizza)

Tell me about your favorite “gym victory”

Squats! I never thought I’d be able to do them again.

What will your next “gym victory” be? What are you looking forward to?

Getting back to bench pressing. I’d like to try it on the floor. [Devin’s note: Starting with a floor press, instead of a bench press, is the best way to learn (and relearn) the bench press. It helps you learn proper form, is safer for the shoulders, and is a better workout for your arms.]

Tell me about a big “a-ha” moment that you’ve had since you began strength training again

One day I actually ran up the stairs. Something else I thought I’d never do.

What keeps you going with your healthy lifestyle?

It’s keeping me younger and happier. I hope to keep it up forever.

What is your advice for other women who may be hesitant about starting a strength training program? OMG, just do it. I am living proof that anyone, in any shape, can workout. “Devin good.”

[Devin’s note: When we filmed Mo’s client interview for our testimonial video, Mo infamously answered “Devin good” for one of her first takes. The videographer is looking for it, I promise.]

Is there anything else that you want to share or mention?

“People should never be intimidated about coming to Optimize Fitness. Devin makes it welcoming and is so careful and understands why people get out of shape, especially if it’s due to injury or illness. Nobody judges..”

You Can Do It, Too!

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Meet Your Coach: Devin Gray

Meet Your Coach: Devin Gray

Founder, Head Coach

NSCA-CSCS, FMSC, Pn1 Certified
B.S. in Exercise Science – Texas A&M University – 2011, Cum Laude

Hey, I’m Devin.

Stories like Mo’s are what I love about coaching. I get to help people feel better about themselves – confident, empowered, and independent.

Fitness isn’t just about looking great or being strong. It starts that way, but it becomes more about how living a healthy life makes you feel.

That feeling of confidence and challenge gave my passion for fitness. I hope that you feel the same way.

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