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Personal Training

Personal Training

Get into incredible shape with a 100% personalized fitness plan

You know that getting into great shape has amazing benefits.

  • You’ll look better, and feel more confident as a result.
  • You’ll be able to fit back into your favorite jeans again.
  • You’ll feel amazing, and know that you’ve made a serious improvement in your health.

Personal training helps you accomplish these goals with a 100% personalized fitness plan. You’ll know exactly what to do to achieve the body of your dreams.

Women’s Strength Team

Get crazy fit. Be stronger than you thought possible.

Have fun. Make new friends. Drop serious inches.

This small group personal training is just for women. And it’s incredibly effective. Most of our women lose 1-2 sizes in just the first month.

Best of all, they’re making friends, feeling confident, and becoming much, much stronger.

Space is incredibly limited. Once teams fill up, they rarely open for new members.

Teams meet at 7:30AM, 9:30AM, and 5:30PM.

Women’s Strength Team

Injury Post-Rehabilitation

Injury Post-Rehabilitation

Get your fitness back after an injury 

Perfect for:

  • Athletes concerned about injury prevention (especially ACL tears)
  • Learning the proper core exercises to protect your back after injury
  • Adults with a lengthy injury history who want to learn how become strong, flexible, and fit – without getting hurt in the process
  • Getting fit without the aches and pains of running

One-Time Consultations
& Technique Coaching

Get back to seeing great results – let’s break through that plateau!

Meet with Coach Devin, CSCS, for a one-time consultation or a small package of technique coaching sessions.

Perfect for:

  • Experienced lifters that need just a few lessons to break through a plateau, master a challenging lift, or adapt a training plan after an injury.
  • Washed up meatheads that want to learn how to keep training hard and lifting heavy – without the nagging joint pain after each squat, bench, or deadlift workout.
  • Crossfitters that want to finally slay their “GOATS”. Most GOATS aren’t caused by a lack of effort – it’s usually a specific muscle imbalance that’s at fault!Learn how to fix it – and fast. It’s not uncommon for crossfitters to add 20-40lbs to their squat, deadlift, or press in just 2-3 sessions.
  • Ex-Crossfitters that love the intensity but want a smarter, safer, more sustainable approach to staying fit

One-Time Consultations
& Technique Coaching

Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Here’s the cold, hard truth about seeing great results:

Nutrition habits are the #1 determinant of your success.

Problem is, we’re all drowning in “diet information overload.”

Do this diet. These foods are BAD. These foods are GOOD. No, wait, now those foods are bad again!

Argghhh! It’s all so confusing, and it’s too easy to hop from diet to diet.

Pretty soon, you have nothing but 23 conflicting “diet rules”, a headache, and you’re no closer to your ideal body than you were before.

Does that sound like you?

We’ve helped people lose weight, drop several sizes, and fit into their old clothes again.

We’ve helped young athletes and “hardgainer” guys add 20-30lbs of muscle mass.

We’ve helped people get healthier, reduce their medications, and regain confidence.

I bet we can help you, too.

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You’ll learn exactly what to do to achieve those goals – things like how often to workout, what to do, and what to eat.

You’ll get coaching on what to do next to achieve your goals – with simple, realistic next steps.


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