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Are you ready to look good, feel great, and become more athletic?


If you’re like the rest of our members, Optimize Fitness & Performance is the perfect place for you.

You appreciate high quality, attention to detail, and commitment to scientific training methods.

You expect expert coaching and superior customer service.

You want to train hard AND train smart, not just “get crushed”.

For you, fitness isn’t just about a number on a scale or your appearance. It’s about improving the quality of your life and becoming stronger – mentally and physically.

We get it. And we made Optimize Fitness & Performance for people just like you.


Optimize Fitness & Performance specializes in 100% personalized training programs in a semi-private setting.

  • It’s about you – your goals and your body. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will break past your limitations and overcome challenges.
  • If you want to set new personal records in your performance, this is the place for you.
  • If you are struggling to overcome a prior injury, I guarantee that I’ll help you to overcome it or connect you with somebody who can.
  • If you are unsure of where to start, an individualized program will lead you to success safely & effectively.

Services Provided

  • Fat loss
  • Sports-Specific Training
  • Strength training
  • Nutrition coaching & education
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Flexibility training

Program Features

  • Benefit from a 100% customized program – no cookie cutter workouts
    You’re unique and so is your body. Your program is customized not just to your body and goals, but also to your schedule, experience, and preferences.
  • Move Better, Feel Better, and Reduce the Risk of Injury
    The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) will optimize your program and screen out any muscular imbalances, core weaknesses, and inappropriate exercises to maximize results with minimal risk.
  • Eliminate ALL the Guesswork from Fitness
    Our members receive customized strength, flexibility, core, and cardiovascular routines.
  • Never Miss a Workout
    At-home & on-the-road routines are included at no additional charge!
  • Reliable and Accurate Results
    Scientific assessment is available every 4 weeks to track your progress.
  • Change Your Life
    Step-by-step behavior & Wellness Coaching to help you create a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.


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What Makes Us Different

We deliver high quality, fully individualized fitness coaching. This process begins with a thorough private assessment & discussion to determine a member’s unique goals, history, strengths, and limitations. This includes the Functional Movement Screen (learn more here), mobility assessments, performance testing, core screening, and body composition analysis.

You will receive an individualized strength training & conditioning program based on their unique goals, strengths, and limitations. Every program reflects the needs of the individual and will be modified as needed based on time constraints and “life happens” circumstances (such as business trips, sick kids, vacations) to ensure continual progress. Programs are coached with a very high attention to detail. We’ll meet you where you are, as long as you’re willing to work hard.


Training Philosophy:

Exercise is a vital part of life. It is best kept simple, with a focus on bodyweight, gymnastic, and free weight exercises. The focus is development of the whole body, as opposed to its parts in isolation. People must possess adequate mobility (flexibility) and stability (control) before progressing to more challenging exercises. This emphasis on fluid movement and balance is the key to injury reduction. Individualization is key, as is highly-detailed assessment and coaching. This approach is very effective in improving physical fitness, strength, endurance, body composition, and overall health.


Training Process:

You can’t achieve world class results without a great plan.

We start with a comprehensive assessment and discussion of your goal setting, lifestyle, Functional Movement Screen (FMS), fitness experience, and abilities. We call this a Strategy Session.

The FMS is scored from 0 to 21, with a score below 12 indicating a high risk for injury. The first phase of training is to improve the FMS score to at least a 12 and preferably a 14. After this training block, members move onto a scientifically periodized strength & conditioning plan.

Every member’s plan focuses primarily on building strength. This is because strength training is crucial to most goals, whether it’s improving athleticism, gaining lean muscle, and even burning fat. Depending on a member’s goals, the rest of the program will focus on metabolic conditioning, speed & power development, flexibility, core stability, injury post-rehabilitation, or specific athletic skill development.

Members receive an updated plan once a month to ensure constant progression and continuous results.

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Personal Training Features

100% Personalized Program

Your program is 100% personalized and updated monthly to ensure the best results possible. Gain muscle, lose fat, and feel great.

We get proven results from a combination of strength training, cutting edge conditioning, and habit-based nutrition coaching. It’s all customized to your unique goals.

Affordable Coaching

Semi-private training is more affordable, effective, and fun than traditional personal training. You will enjoy all the results and features of private training at a fraction of the cost.

Join Our Community

Enjoy the freedom of our most flexible scheduling options and make new friends in our community of strength.

You’ll train alongside up to 3 other people, all on their own unique fitness program. You’ll motivate, encourage, and inspire each other.

What Our Members Are Saying

Hear from people just like you!

Devin Gray has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients.

His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to his willingness to work with his clients at their own levels. He instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently.

His attitude is inspiring, his knowledge exceptional.

Joanne Daly

I started training with Devin Gray in October, 2011. In the time that I’ve been training with him, he has taken several classes and received multiple certifications that I have benefited from.

He is always changing my workouts to achieve maximum results. He knows how to push hard but also when I’ve reached my limit.

I have never felt stronger and better about myself. I look forward to my workouts because I always feel like I’ve accomplished something. Devin continually encourages me to meet my ultimate goal and I have no doubt that I will eventually get there.

Devin is an amazing personal trainer and I would highly recommend him.

Michelle Durkin

As a life long competitive equestrian, I always understood the value of fitness and regular, correct exercises for the horses that I ride and compete, but it wasn’t until I reached middle age that I understood how much it could help my own riding skills and performance.

I have worked with Personal Trainers for the last five years, but a change in circumstances brought me to Devin Gray in July 2013.  Devin designed a progressive, always changing training program for me using kettlebells, bands and weighted medicine balls that has helped my competitive riding immensely!

My training program with Devin has not only made me stronger, but it has enhanced my endurance, my body alignment, my balance on the horse and allows my legs, arms and core to work independently from each other which is key to riding horses correctly.

Even my riding coach has noticed the difference in my fitness, strength and posture.

My horses currently live out of state so I am not able to practice on my horses regularly, Devin’s program allows me to meet my horses at the competitions and walk in the show ring with a strong body and the confidence to compete.

And as an added bonus, I received a “keep it up, your numbers are looking great” from my personal physician at my annual physical in November.

Coline McKenna

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer free sessions?

No, we do not offer free sessions. We offer free 15 minute phone consultations instead.

One simple reason – you can’t workout with us until you’ve been through a full assessment. We can’t deliver a terrific coaching session without it and that wouldn’t be productive for either of us.

This is what keeps our injury rate so much lower than other trainers (and especially Crossfit gyms).

How is Semi-Private Training different from Private Training?

Simply put, we think that private training is too expensive and counterproductive after a few weeks. Virtually every sport, medical treatment, and learning experience is conducted in groups. It keeps prices down and builds a strong community. It also increases independence and your confidence in the gym.

Semi-Private Training is you and up to 3 other people, all working with a coach. Each person has their own unique program. You could be working out with a grandmother, a collegiate athlete, and a working mom – but all on your own 100% personalized programs.

It’s more affordable than private training too. We dropped our prices by 33% when we switched from 1 on 1 to semi-private training. We find that people get better results because you’re motivated and inspired by the people around you.

Is Semi-Private the same as Small Group Classes?

No! Absolutely not. Many coaches try to disguise small group training as personal training, when they really just offer classes. Semi-Private Training is personal training, but you’re sharing the gym and coach with no more than 3 other people.

When you come in, you’ll grab your personalized program and jump right into your workout. A coach is on hand to guide you through every step of the way.

You’ll always be under the watchful eye of a certified personal trainer.
You’ll know exactly what to do.
You’ll learn how to perform every exercise correctly and at the appropriate intensity.

It’s still personal training. But it’s more effective, more enjoyable, and it’s a significantly better value.

Do I have to buy a big package of personal training sessions?

Absolutely not!

We’re not big fans of the “buy 50 sessions and get our best price” way of doing business.

Our rates are the same whether you train once, twice, three times, or even four times per month.

In fact, all of our memberships are billed monthly.

To recap:

  • No big expensive packages – just buy what you need for each month.
  • No high pressure sales tactics.
  • We keep it easy and we treat you the way that we’d like to be treated.

Are you going to yell at me like I see on TV?

No way!

This isn’t some awful reality TV show with no basis in exercise science, compassionate coaching, or even the slightest bit of caring for its contestants.

This is coaching that’s all about you. Your goals, your unique situation and challenges, and your abilities.

Your coach will meet you where you’re at – whether that’s starting with flexibility and core strength, learning how to use free weights instead of machines, or finally fine tuning that deadlift and breaking past that stubborn plateau.

And the same goes for your nutrition. No guilt over “bad foods” and “good foods” – just the advice of a coach that cares and knows how to get you from your A to your ideal B.

What can I expect?

We’ll “meet you where you’re at” for your first coaching session.

You’ll still be able to walk the next day, climb stairs, and sit down. This is personal training, not a military bootcamp or a torture chamber.

We use the “minimum effective dose” method for new clients – just enough exercise to get ideal results with minimal soreness in the beginning.

“But don’t I have to train at a high intensity all the time to get great results?”

Nope. Just trust us on this. It works better in the long run.

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