Online Personal Training

Work with Devin from anywhere in the world

Get into great shape on your own schedule

Online personal training combines the best parts of an in-person trainer
with more independence, affordability, and flexibility.

Follow an Expert Plan

Get a 100% customized fitness plan, designed and coached by Devin Gray, CSCS.

You’ll know exactly what to do for every workout – so you can just show up to the gym, train hard, and get fit.


Get Stronger and Build Lean Muscle Mass

Your workout will focus mostly on strength training. I’ll pick the exercises best for you, your body, and your goals.

Stay Accountable and Get Support

I’ll keep an eye on your workouts and your consistency. I’ll help you stay on track so that you achieve your health & fitness goals.

Plus, you have access to coaching by e-mail and through my training app.

And I host regular “Office Hours” where clients can come for support and to learn about fitness and nutrition.


Get Coaching and Learn New Exercises

You’ll get access to my mobile training app, with instructional videos for every exercise in your workout plan.

Plus, you can send me videos of your technique right in the app so that I can review your technique and provide feedback.

My Approach


Step 1 – We’ll talk about your goals in a free, 15-minute phone consultation and see if online coaching is right for you.

Step 2 – We’ll set up an online fitness assessment over Zoom. During that 30-45 minute meeting, we’ll also talk about your goals, health, nutrition, and favorite exercises..


Step 3 – I’ll write a custom training program in my mobile training app. You’ll receive a link to download the app and your training program.

I’ll write workouts for as many days of the week are appropriate, and I’ll include recommendations for strength training, cardio, and flexibility, as appropriate to your goals.

I’ll also include recommendations for nutrition.

Support & Refine

Step 4– I’ll keep you accountable and on track through my coaching app. You’ll stay on schedule with regular check-ins through the app, plus have access to me as a coach for ongoing support.

Step 5 – I’ll update your training program monthly with new exercises, as appropriate.

Step 6 – You get stronger, fitter, and into great shape.


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