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It’s Time to Look, Move, and Feel Better

If you’re like the rest of our members, Optimize Fitness & Performance is the perfect place for you.

You expect knowledgeable coaching and superior customer service.

You want to move and feel better, not just suffer through the latest crazy workout trend.

For you, fitness isn’t just about a number on a scale. It’s about improving the quality of your life and becoming stronger – mentally and physically.

We get it. And we made Optimize Fitness & Performance for people just like you.

100% Customized Coaching

Your program is 100% personalized and updated monthly to ensure the best results possible. You’ll gain lean muscle, lose fat, and feel great.

We get proven results from a combination of strength training, cutting edge conditioning, and habit-based nutrition coaching. It’s all customized to your unique goals.

Award-Winning Personal Training

Thumbtack.com named us to their “Best of 2015” award list because of our combination of realistic pricing with superior results. Other trainers are as much as $80 per hour, even with an entry-level certification and no experience. Our coaches are experienced, hold top certifications, and have degrees in Exercise Physiology.

Our personal training is more affordable, effective, and fun. You will enjoy all the results and features of private training at a literal fraction of the cost.

Become Healthier

You’ll feel better in a matter of days with our personal training services. Right away, we’ll begin working on improving your energy, flexibility, and core strength.

We’ll work together to improve your nutrition with our focus on lifetime healthy eating, as opposed to quick-fix diets or restrictive meal plans.

Many of our clients report increased energy, improved blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and significantly improved strength & energy.


Leslie M.

Leslie M.

Testimonial - Personal Training

“I have trained in many different gyms, large chain gyms as well as smaller private gyms, and I can honestly say that Devin is the most knowledgeable and dedicated trainer I have ever had.  Devin worked with me to help me come back from an injury that left me unable to work out for months.

All workouts are geared towards my individual fitness goals, and he goes above and beyond time spent in his facility, always providing helpful nutritional and training information constantly educating me.  Devin helped me get back on track to reach my fitness goals.”

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We guarantee results. You’ll look, move, and feel better with us on your team.