COVID-19 Gym Policies for Personal Training Sessions

Optimize Fitness & Performance is open for business!

As of June 22nd, MA moved into Phase 2, Step 2 – meaning we are open for personal training!

We are accepting new clients for both in-person training and online coaching.

If you’re chomping at the bit to get back to the gym, click here to get started (new clients).

We’re offering:

  • Private personal training (one on one) for $80/hour
  • Semi-Private personal training (up to 3 members, each with an individual training space and a personalized plan)
  • Online personal training

All plans include Hybrid Coaching, meaning that you have access to a private workout plan through our free app, TrueCoach.

As a private, “indoor-outdoor” gym, we’re primed to re-open first. We can safely train members while respecting social distance, as all of our equipment is already spaced over 6′ apart.

Plus, our overhead door runs the width of the gym – ensuring a constant supply of fresh air.

Safety Guidelines

MIFO Private Gym Re-Opening Plan

In addition to the specifics below, we are following the plan released by MIFO and endorsed by Dr. Abraham, an epidemiologist out of UMASS.

Optimize Fitness & Performance is a founding member of MIFO – Massachusetts Independent Fitness Operators. MIFO formed during the MA lockdowns in order to organize and guide the fitness industry’s response to COVID-19 in MA. Our plan is more comprehensive than that of the MA government and better suited to meet the needs of small gyms, like mine.

You can read the specifics here:


  • All members must leave the gym if they feel ill
  • Keep 6’ distance between members
  • Stay primarily to your assigned squat rack or equipment area, including warmup/cooldown
  • Masks are recommended
  • Exercise facing the right wall of the gym, when faced from the front
  • All conditioning exercises (jump rope, kettlebell swings, bike, etc.) should be performed outdoors, when possible
  • You have the option of training outside, as appropriate, at any time, except for barbell exercises that require safety racks/spotters


Session Scheduling

  • All sessions must be scheduled in advance on ZenPlanner.
    • Sessions can only be scheduled online with >24 hours notice
    • To schedule a last-minute session, text Devin at 508-507-9008
  • Sessions must start exactly on time – no early entry permitted
    • Please wait in your car or in the parking lot until your session time begins
  • >24 hours notice is required for cancellations and may be done through ZenPlanner.
    • If cancelling within 24 hours (late cancellation), your session may be forfeit
    • Sessions cancelled because of sudden illness will be rescheduled. Honor system.
  • There is a 15-minute buffer between scheduled sessions.
    • This time is for cleaning, re-organizing the gym, and preparing for the next session.
    • Please leave the gym within 5 minutes of your session ending to provide adequate time for cleaning and additional time for ventilation

Cleaning Policies

  • All participants must wash their hands with soap & water immediately upon entry
  • All equipment must be wiped down immediately after usage
  • All equipment must be wiped down before being shared with another member
  • A cleaning log will be kept by staff
  • Cleaning Procedures – Members
    • Spray the paper towel directly – do not spray equipment, please
    • If disinfectant wipes are provided, please use ½ of a wipe and re-use it until dry/dirty/used up to keep costs down and benefit the environment
    • Barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells – wipe the bar/handle where touched
    • Plates – wipe the outside of the plate where grabbed
    • TRX – wipe the handles and adjustment tabs, if applicable
    • Mats – bringing your own exercise mat is strongly encouraged
      • If you use our mat, spray the paper towel and then wipe down both sides.
    • Foam rollers – bringing your own foam roller is encouraged
      • Wipe down the outside of the roller when finished
    • Cleaning Procedures – Staff
      • Gym must be mopped before the AM/PM session block
      • Sanitize equipment and high-touch locations between sessions (doorknobs, switches, etc.)
Members: Please download the policies here and bring a signed copy, acknowledging that you have read and agree to abide by these policies, to your first training session.

Download Here