Recommended Resources

My Best Recommendations for Nutrition, Supplements, and Education

Over the past 16 years of working out, and 10 years of coaching, I’ve accumulated a large list of “best practices” and favorite tools of the trade.

Here, I’ve compiled my go-to guides, supplements, fitness equipment, and nutrition tips into a single list.

This list includes:

  • Links to free webinars, educational videos, and other such informative content
  • Exclusive discounts on Thorne supplements and multivitamins
  • My favorite gym equipment for training at home and on the road
  • Recommended meal plans and high-protein recipes
  • Vegan and vegetarian meals and recipes
  • Nutrition guides, how-to’s, and infographics

The resources I’m sharing with you are those I’ve found to be the most helpful.


– Coach Devin

Nutrition Resources

Free Fat Loss Webinar

You can watch this full webinar for free here:

Fat loss can be one of the most confusing topics in nutrition.

It’s often full of contradictions (somehow both fat and carbs make you fat), magical thinking (eating after 8PM makes you fat), and silly rules (bananas have too much sugar, even though 1 banana is roughly only 100 calories).

To solve this, I filmed a free, 75-minute nutrition webinar for my clients in 2020.

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 factor for fat loss (hint: it’s not “what” you eat)
  • The truth about Keto and Intermittent Fasting
  • Why you should focus on eating protein, instead of avoiding fat or carbs
  • How to still enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty or “cheating” on your diet
  • Pro’s and Con’s of the most popular diets, as well as *why* they really work

You can watch this full webinar for free here:

Save 20% on Thorne supplements

All of my personal training and nutrition coaching clients, past or present, can save 20% on supplements from Thorne.

This is an exclusive, ongoing discount off of retail pricing that you can’t get anywhere else – including Amazon.

All clients receive an invitation link to save 20% off at Thorne. If you didn’t receive one, e-mail me at to get set up.

Even if you’re not a client, you can still save 10% on Thorne by clicking here:

Learn All About Supplements

To learn more about my recommendations for supplements, and why I recommend the ones that I do, read my two guides here:

Devin’s Supplement Guide: Part 1 of 2 – How to Know if a Supplement is Worth Taking

Devin’s Supplement Guide: Part 2 of 2 – Devin’s Top Recommendations

In the first guide, I recommend doing your own homework on supplements, and their ingredients, at both and

Why Thorne Research?

Thorne has been my preferred supplement brand for years, for several reasons. You can read more at Who We Are on Thorne’s website.

  1. Thorne offers NSF Certified for Sport products. NSF Certification is an expensive, third-party certification that guarantees product purity and label accuracy.
    That’s why Thorne is the exclusive partner of multiple world champions, including 11 US Olympic teams, 26 MLB teams, 16 NHL teams, 17 NFL teams, and the entire UFC roster. Learn more here.
  2. Over 40+ Thorne products are actively used in clinical research. Research partners include Mayo Clinic, Columbia University, Duke University, John Hopkins University, MD Anderson Cancer Center, NIH, Mount Sinai Health Systems, and West Point. Learn more here.
  3. Thorne publishes precise nutrition facts on their products. Many supplement brands use “proprietary formulas” that include ingredients known to work – but they hide the specific amounts of each ingredient. Often, they only use 10-25% of the effective amount. With Thorne, you know exactly how much of each ingredient is included. You can then go to and research ingredients yourself to see if it’s effective.
  4. Thorne’s “Take 5 Daily” is a great, free resource for learning more about nutrition. It provides in-depth updates on nutrition, supplements, sleep quality, and general health. Check it out here.

Curious? Take a Quiz

It can get overwhelming trying to figure out what supplements, if any, are best for you to take.

Luckily, Thorne offers a number of simple, quick quizzes to narrow it down.

You can access the full list of quizzes here.

The Big 4  – Key Supplements I recommend for everybody

  • A Multivitamin. I recommend the AM/PM Elite Multivitamin, but you can take the quiz here for personalized recommendations.
    I like the AM/PM Elite Multi because it is NSF certified and has two different formulas for both morning and night. The AM formula boosts energy, while the PM formula helps you relax and recover. LINK.
  • An Omega-3. I recommend the Super EPA Pro, but you can take the quiz here for personalized recommendations.
    5g of fish oil per day has been shown to be helpful for inflammation, per Examine’s recommendations.
    I prefer Super EPA Pro because it is super-concentrated and has 650mg of EPA per gelcap. Many competing Omega-3 products have less than half of that amount. LINK.
    If you don’t enjoy gelcaps, Omega Superb is a great, convenient option. A 1 tsp serving of Omega Superb provides 5ml/5g of fish oil. LINK.
  • ProbioticFloramend Prime – Recommended 2x per day in the first month, then 1x per day after that. Helps with fat loss, indigestion, and mood. Can also help with the absorption of calcium and magnesium. LINK
  • Vitamin DD5000 – 5,000 IU’s of Vitamin D3. NSF Certified for Sport. Vitamin D can help stave off seasonal affective disorder and is especially important in New England during the long winters. LINK

Disclosure – I am an affiliate through Thorne and do receive a slight commission. Your 20% discount comes out of my own commission.

(Remember, supplements are not necessary to achieve your health and fitness goals. They do often help, though. It is helpful to review supplement recommendations with your primary care physician.)

Performance Supplements


MyProtein is a UK brand. They’re the top-rated brand for quality and value on Labdoor. Labdoor is an independent laboratory that reviews and tests supplement brands for purity, accuracy, and efficacy.

I also recommend MyProtein because the savings are unreal. Seriously. I regularly order a 5.5lb bag of whey isolate protein powder (best absorption and efficacy) for $50. In contrast, 1lb of whey protein from anybody else is $30-40 dollars. A bag of Shakeology (r) is $120 and only has 30 servings.

Affiliate Disclosure: I make a small commission of every sale of MyProtein. That said, the prices are unbeatable and so is the quality. I only share what I personally use and think is a high value.

Whey Protein Powder – MyProtein Impact WheyLINK

Recommended Use:  1-2 servings post-workout or for a snack.

Creatine MonohydrateLINK

Recommended Use:  5g (1 teaspoon) daily, with food.

Creatine will help you get better results in the gym. It helps add lean muscle mass and improves explosive speed and power. It also has been shown to help women with brain health, mental health, mood health, and short term memory in recent studies (read more).

I recommend that men & women take 1 tsp daily.



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